What is Bitcoin?

We're not suggesting you give up regular currency, but diversifying funds is always smart. Bitcoin is the world's most widely used and legal electronic currency alternative that allows anyone to send payments peer-to-peer, anytime, without the hassle of bank or payment-processing fees.

Bitcoin is accepted around the world by thousands of retailers and businesses you already know and trust, like, Subway, Expedia, Victoria’s Secret, CheapAir, and more, with the list growing longer everyday! Purchase anything from dental services to luxury cars, real estate to entertainment, and smiles you get playing your favorite games at

• Bitcoin transactions are fast!
• No security checks and no holding periods.
• Fees are so small, they are almost non-existent.

STEP 1 - Get Bitcoin

Below are popular exchanges that sell bitcoin - even for as little as $20


The world’s most popular way to buy, sell, and use bitcoin.


Makes buying and selling bitcoin easy and fast!


This one-step, one-time verification process lets you buy bitcoins with a credit or debit card, through Western Union or MoneyGram and, in some cases, with cash.

One of the easiest options for buying Bitcoin in just a few clicks with an unlimited number of debit or credit cards in any currency. You can even transfer funds through your bank account.

STEP 2 - Play NOW!

Now that you have bitcoins, you’re ready to play!

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